Thursday, February 9, 2017

Livingston Dream Book #2


She: So, you think we can make it work this time?
He: I don’t know, we’ve been through this before.
She: Not like this we didn’t…
He: What are you talking about?
She: Faith…
He: Faith…
She: A leap of faith.
He: Is that what’s needed?
She: That’s a start.
He: What about them?
She: What about them?
He: Should we tell ‘em?
She: If you want.
He: So it’s up to me?
She: What is?
He: Everything.
She: Not everything. I’ll be a part of it.
He: I don’t think we should try this again.
She: There’s no harm.
He: What about them?
She: You wanna tell ‘em.
He: If we’re gonna do this.
She: Yes.
He: We should tell ‘em.
She: OK.
He: You wanna…
She: No! I think you should be the one to tell ‘em.
He: OK.
She: So, here we are. How do you wanna proceed?
He: I think we should start by putting it in writing.
She: Right. So we know what’s at stake.
He: And what’s at stake?
She: Happiness.
He: Happiness.
She: Our happiness.
He: And theirs?
She: Of course.
He: I’m not sure.
She: What?
He: Is this the right thing to do at this point.
She: If not now, when?
He: I don’t think they’ll be happy.
She: Like last time.
He: Exactly.
She: That was a fluke. We know better now.
He: We do?
She: Of course we do.
He: How?... How do we know better?
She: Experience.
He: Experience.
She: Yes, we know better by experience… what not to do.
He: And what is that… we know not to do.
She: Last time we never even made it out of town.
He: That wasn’t my fault.
She: I’m not saying it was.
He: What are you saying?
She: We learn from experience… like never lead by example only be default.
He: That doesn’t make sense.
She: Look, it’s all taken care of this time.
He: What is?
She: Everything.
He: Everything?
She: I knew you’d try to back out of it… again.
He: There it is.
She: What?
He: You’re laying blame.
She: That’s not what I’m doing.
He: What are you doing exactly?
She: It’s ready. Everything’s in place.
He: It is?
She: You just have to say the word.
He: What about them?
She: It’s all taken care of.
He: How? What did you do?
She: What we always planned we would do.
He: You didn’t…
She: Sure did.
He: Beyond my back.
She: For us.
He: I don’t know if we should do this.
She: I knew you would get cold feet, so I took take of everything for you.
He: I don’t like this.
She: Look at me. Look me in the eyes… Do you trust me?
He: I guess.
She: Don’t guess. Be truthful. Do. You. Trust. Me?
He: I do!
She: Do you believe this is the best thing for us to do?
He: I guess… I do!
She: So say it.
He: What?
She: Just say the word and we’ll toast to new beginnings.
He: New beginnings.
She: Yes!
He: What about them?
She: Forget about them. It’s all taken care off.
He: Tell me what you did.
She: Ok. Here it is. In the morning they’ll wake to find us gone. A goodbye letter over pancakes at the breakfast table. They will know we’re gone… but not forever… for better…
He: For better…
She: To chase our dreams. To enact our forbidden love.
He: Your parents will kill my parents for this. They’ll think this was all my idea.
She: No they won’t. If anything they’ll grow close together in their mutual loss.  Forget all about the constant bickering.
He: They will?
She: They’ll find a common cataclysm to talk about… Besides the farm.
He: Yeah.
She: Look, in the morning we’ll be long gone.
He: Gone.
She: You just have to say the word.
He: How?
Train whistle blows.
She: It’s time… Freight train will be picking up speed soon.
He: I’m not sure…
She: It’s now or never.
He: Ok, ok, ok.
She: Just say the word.
Train whistle blows.
He: I love you!
She kisses him. They run out the door. 

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